Robust, High-Performance, Graphical HMI/SCADA System

National/Regional Electric Utility

Working with engineers to architect, build and maintain a high-performance HMI system for the supervisory monitoring and control of power stations and hundreds of thousands of real-time data points on equipment through-out the utility network. The system features data-bound, scalable graphics to model equipment and stations.

Work continues on this project, introducing new features to allow the client to better monitor and control their business's lifeline.

Native Android Application Store

International Computer Manufacturer

Worked with engineers, designer and technologists to architect and build a branded app store for the launch of their premier line of Android tablets. The android application was burned into the system image of the devices, enjoying administrative access and abilities. In addition to the full-featured store functionality itself, the system sported multiple interactive widgets as well as a self-contained system to handle updates and version deprecation.

Single Sign-On System

4-Year University

Delivered single sign-on system, integrated with existing disparate software and web technologies as well as the enterprise Active Directory server.

Android Client for Time Tracking service

Time, Project & Expense Tracking Software Vendor

Architect and developer for Android client to the time tracking cloud service, interfacing with customer's existing web service API.

Localized Television Schedules

National Television Broadcaster

Architected and developed a web-based. multi-feed television schedule system, configurable by the end user to display their local member stations

Company Intranet/Application Portal

National Business Services Company

Developed Intranet application to host dashboards and applications that streamlined internal processes.

Document Verification System

Pharmaceutical Company

Designed an enterprise application to streamline the document verification process used to confirm insurance coverage and eligibility.

Industrial Tag In/Tag Out Mobile Application

Developed native Android application supporting an industrial equipment tagging system, promoting efficiency, accuracy and audit-ability of the process. Application scans QR Codes on equipment to ensure the proper equipment is being worked on, and allows pictures to be synchronized with a server for further visual verification that the procedure was executed properly.

Earth Quake Tracking

Developed Android client to map and search earth quake data provided by the USGS. Leveraged Google Maps API to pinpoint events and graphically represent intensity.

Web, Client/Server, Mobile Development

Local Technology and IT Consultancies

We partner with other local technology and IT consultancies, allowing our company to find solutions outside our internal skill set.

Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation

pharmaceutical company

Worked with the company Chief Financial Officer to evaluate, update and document all financial processes and controls and to modify existing system and deliver new systems to provide clear audit trails to ensure legal compliance.